So she plays the Corona ace and hopes that it will be possible during the German EU Council Presidency from 1.

So she plays the Corona ace and hopes that it will be possible during the German EU Council Presidency from 1.

The 83-year-old is fine, but because of his old age he has to be careful, said Chhoekyapa.

After three days of appearances in New Delhi last week, the Dalai Lama had recently returned to his exile in Dharamsala in the north, but flew back to New Delhi on Tuesday to be examined in the hospital for a cold. He will initially remain under observation in the clinic, said Chhoekyapa.

The Dalai Lama has been living in exile in India since fleeing from Chinese rule over Tibet 60 years ago. At the event in New Delhi, which was about social, emotional and ethical education, the religious leader also spoke about his age and his rebirth, in which Tibetans believe, according to a report by the Indian news agency PTI.

“If I live another 10 or 15 years, the political situation in China will change,” said the Dalai Lama. “But if I die in the next few years, the Chinese government will demonstrate that the rebirth has to take place in China.” He expressed his concern that in the end the communist leadership will choose his successor, so that he would then be loyal to Beijing.

The Dalai Lama is pessimistic about the future. “I am now 81 years old, I do not expect a happier humanity in my lifetime,” said the spiritual leader of the Tibetans during a visit to the Council of Europe.

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He also denounced the existing education system, which he believed promotes a materialistic way of life. He feared that this would make the 21st century a century of violence. He therefore called for a better way of conveying moral standards.

Human rights and minority rights

The Dalai Lama has lived in exile in India since a failed popular uprising by the Tibetans against Chinese rule in 1959. For years he has been on a diplomatic mission for human and minority rights around the world.

His performances are criticized by China, which has annexed Tibet and is pushing back the culture of the Tibetans with the settlement of Han Chinese. The Dalai Lama is in favor of greater autonomy for Tibet.

Munich (dpa) – Rock star Ozzy Osbourne (71) has already canceled concerts. His planned appearances in North America have to be canceled, it said on his homepage.

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He had to undergo medical treatment in Switzerland for six to eight weeks – and treatment could not begin before April. “I’m so grateful everyone was so patient because I had a shitty year,” Osbourne wrote. He does not want to start the tour and then cancel appearances at short notice. “It’s just not fair for the fans.”

The British musician has canceled his tour several times for health reasons. Last year he had an operation on his neck, and it was not until the end of January that he made his Parkinson’s disease public. The first concert should now be his appearance in Newcastle, UK on October 23rd. In Germany, concerts are planned in Dortmund, Munich, Mannheim, Berlin and Hamburg. According to the homepage, this has not changed so far.

The “Prince of Darkness” himself promised in the “Metal Hammer” interview: “I do physiotherapy and Pilates and do everything I can to be completely fit again soon.”

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Good morning, dear readers,

here is the annotated overview of the day’s topics:


Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures. And they offer the opportunity to vacate lost posts without losing face. The leading figures of the federal government are in top form in this discipline. Thanks to the Corona crisis, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) can finally give in to the years of pressure from French President Macron and open the door to the European debt union. She knows that there is no other way to save the EU, but she also knows that the CDU / CSU parliamentary group would never let her get away with it under normal circumstances. So she plays the Corona ace and hopes that it will also beat the critical Austrians, Dutch, Danes and Swedes during the German EU Council Presidency from July 1.

Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) also relies on the virus card to evacuate a position that has been defended for years: he can now generously comply with the pressure of his comrades to finally give up the black zero and run into new billions in debt. Corona provides him with a welcome apology. Even Juso boss Kevin Kühnert is full of praise for the man whose leap to the party chairmanship he has just thwarted.

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD), in turn, gratefully takes up every new absurdity from the White House in order to further differentiate German foreign policy from the unloved USA. At normal times, this course would provoke a loud contradiction among the transatlantic on both sides of the pond – but if the US President wants to inject disinfectants for corona sufferers, simply swallows malaria drugs himself and puts his peasant cunning over scientific findings, then you have it America fans hard.

Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) is also trying to take advantage of the Corona crisis, but has less success than his colleagues: He would have loved to keep the police controls at the internal borders of the EU states permanently, at least on a random basis. Goodbye to Schengen. The resistance to Seehofer’s attack on a central pillar of the European house is great, but we can assume that he has not yet given up and will unpack the saw at the next meeting of EU interior ministers.

We are experiencing extraordinary times, but tactics has long since found its way back into politics. We will only be able to judge in a few months where it leads to achievements and where to big mistakes.



Filderstadt near Stuttgart: The farmers fear a devastating drought this summer – after the past few years were extremely dry due to climate change. (Source: Sebastian Gollnow / dpa)

Before tactics ruin every big idea, we should clarify: The Corona problem is bad – but it is also a huge opportunity. We are experiencing a crisis of the century in fast motion. We show: If necessary, we are all able to change our lifestyle quickly and profoundly. When the government responded consistently and most citizens obeyed the ban, many lives were saved. Germany avoided conditions like those in northern Italy, Spain or even America. We can all be proud of this collective achievement (even if some people wonder how quickly many people are now pushing back to normality or the beaches). The decisive factor is that we as a society have proven that we can heed the advice of science and do what is necessary to avert a disaster. This begs the question: Why don’t we manage to do the same with other major crises?

The biggest crisis we are currently facing is climate change. Nobody who has all five senses together denies that it is man-made. Tens of thousands of people are already suffering from the consequences, including in this country: Extreme weather, droughts and environmental pollution claim their victims. Almost 20,000 German citizens have died from the heat waves of recent years. 400,000 Europeans fell victim to CO2, fine dust and other pollutants in the air within one year.

If federal politicians really take health protection as seriously as they have been asserting every day since the outbreak of the Corona crisis, then they must just as resolutely protect citizens from the damage caused by the climate crisis. Then they would set an effective CO2 price, convert inner-city traffic in an environmentally friendly way and rapidly expand the rail network. They would renovate all public buildings in terms of energy efficiency and promote research into hydrogen technology on a broad basis. They would throttle the use of pesticides and antibiotics in agriculture and vehemently support the EU Commission, which today is presenting its “farm to table” strategy for sustainably produced food. Perhaps, and I am writing this at the risk of a storm of e-mails protesting, she would finally introduce a speed limit.

With all the billions in taxes that Mr. Scholz and Mrs. Merkel are now tipping into the country, yesterday’s products should not be subsidized, which the day after tomorrow will no longer have a chance on the world market. Instead: consistent promotion of environmentally friendly, sustainable and digital technologies. Saving lives, stimulating the economy and gaining a competitive advantage: This is where it fits, the image of the stone and the three birds. And anyone who now thinks: It’s easy to say, but difficult to say, is of course right, first of all. And secondly, consider: Would we have thought it possible six months ago that we could all suddenly and profoundly change our lifestyle? Just.


“Thank you, Brother Xi”: Chinese propaganda poster in the Serbian capital Belgrade. (Source: Djordje Kojadinovic / Reuters)

It is no longer so difficult to recognize the Covid-19 pandemic as a historic turning point. The cards in poker for global influence are being reshuffled. Those who have made no serious blunders in combating the virus will then enter the world stage strengthened or at least less weakened than the states that staggered through the pandemic. Nobody will be able to take away the trophy as the snaking world champion from the USA: a divided society that, in the midst of the crisis, grapples with whether science and medical expertise might be useful as a guide or whether a few tweets from Donald do the same. First, chaotic and too late interventions let the infections run free, now a chaotic and premature return to normality is emerging – combined with a second wave of illnesses that could be more violent than in any other industrialized nation. “We urgently need political leadership,” says emergency doctor Megan Ranney in an interview with our Washington correspondent Fabian Reinbold. 

Will the debacle permanently weaken the US to such an extent that its role as a global heavyweight is one of the collateral damage caused by the pandemic? Or is the American economy returning to its former strength as quickly as it is now shrinking? It doesn’t look good. One study comes to the grim finding that more than 40 percent of the jobs that are now being lost in the land of wasted opportunity are permanently lost. At the same time, there is no sustainable social network, which is why the pressure to call off quarantine and blocking contacts against all common sense is much more intense than with us.

But the successor is already in the starting blocks: Looking for world power? We can deliver again! Throughout the entire Corona crisis, the Chinese have purposefully expanded their leadership role. This is remarkable, after all, the virus has started its triumphant advance in China and unprecedented quarantine measures have caused a standstill for months. But no sign of weakness. President Xi Jinping is marketing his country as an anchor in the crisis: Nowhere else has the virus been so gloriously and comprehensively defeated, the propaganda machine sounds (even if that is not true). Aid deliveries to other countries are enthusiastically exploited in the state-affiliated media. The pictures should develop evidential value: A strong but gentle world power shows its solidarity. In order to get usable expressions of thanks from the recipients, China has exerted a lot of pressure away from the cameras. The Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić will not be forgotten, who acknowledged receipt of an aid package by caressing the Chinese flag

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